Welcome to doppkit’s documentation!

Doppkit for GRiD

Doppkit is a tool for interacting with the USACE GRiD service. The primary usage is for downloading the exports for a specific AOI by providing an access token and AOI PK. Doppkit is designed so it can be functional on computers that may not have a reliable network connection.

For convenience, single-file code-signed binaries for Windows are provided on the releases page.

Installation and Invocation


The text UI to show download progress and log-information is created using the rich library.

From source:

$ pip install doppkit
$ doppkit --help

From built executable:

> doppkit-cli.exe --help


The doppkit GUI which uses the PySide6 bindings of the Qt framework.

From source:

$ pip install "doppkit[GUI]"
$ doppkit-gui 

Using generated binary:

> doppkit.exe

Providing the Token

The token needed to access the AOI can be provided by one of several ways.

  1. Add the --token TOKEN argument to your command line usage

  2. Set the environment variable GRID_ACCESS_TOKEN

Example Command Line Usage

export GRID_ACCESS_TOKEN=KMCb6Nl799EFPproLLJR8bgeqzd4q
doppkit --progress True list --filter "Chicago"
doppkit --log-level DEBUG --progress True sync 80903